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# Name Chain Symbol Market Cap Price Launch Votes Votes
Shina Inu
ETH $SHI 19045696.172921 1.3514249915805E-6 February 14, 2022 11 11 Vote
ETH $LIT 54279867.733011 0.097740393421556 January 6, 2023 4 4 Vote
BSC $EMP 740314.38611957 0.00074031438611957 January 31, 2023 42 42 Vote
BSC $GAIN$ 430585.45245559 0.00043058545245559 February 2, 2023 4 4 Vote
BSC $BRO$ 662048.47293491 0.00086577821466156 April 5, 2022 27 27 Vote
Battle World
MATIC $BWO 772980221.8926 0.7729802218926 April 12, 2022 26 26 Vote
Uka Doge Coin
BSC $UDOGE 56510.157358085 9.4183595596808E-10 April 18, 2022 100 100 Vote
ETH $SL - - April 12, 2022 27 27 Vote
Baby Elon
BSC $BABY 239307.39372019 2.3930739372019E-8 July 8, 2022 52 52 Vote
BSC $NEK 0.30353013823668 3.0353013823668E-13 March 15, 2022 31 31 Vote

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