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BSC Contract Address: 0x53df32548214f51821cf1fe4368109ac5ddea1ff
BSC Contract Address: 0x53df32548214f51821cf1fe4368109ac5ddea1ff

Status: new

Votes for listing: 400/500

Votes: 400

Votes Today: 0

Network: ETH

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Status new
Votes for listing 400/500
All time votes 400
Votes today: 0

SPONGEV2" is a meme that originated from a popular internet trend where people take images or videos and distort them using various editing techniques to make them look bizarre or surreal. In the case of "SPONGEV2," it typically refers to SpongeBob SquarePants, the beloved cartoon character, being heavily distorted or edited in strange ways. This meme often involves stretching, twisting, or warping SpongeBob's face or body, resulting in absurd and humorous images or videos. The "V2" might imply a newer version or iteration of the meme. Overall, "SPONGEV2" is just one of the many examples of internet humor and meme culture

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Added February 11, 2024
Launch April 18, 2024