BSC Contract Address: 0x6982508145454ce325ddbe47a25d4ec3d2311933
BSC Contract Address: 0x6982508145454ce325ddbe47a25d4ec3d2311933

Status: new

Votes for listing: 126/500

Votes: 126

Votes Today: 0

Network: ETH

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Status new
Votes for listing 126/500
All time votes 126
Votes today: 0

Pepe is tired of watching everyone play hot potato with the endless derivative ShibaCumGMElonKishuTurboAssFlokiMoon Inu coins. The Inu’s have had their day. It’s time for the most recognizable meme in the world to take his reign as king of the memes. Pepe is here to make memecoins great again. Launched stealth with no presale, zero taxes, LP burnt and contract renounced, $PEPE is a coin for the people, forever. Fueled by pure memetic power, let $PEPE show you the way.

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Pepe needs 500 votes to be officially listed.


You can vote once every 24 hours.

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Added June 20, 2023
Launch May 13, 2023